Ultra-Savings Dry Cleaner Equipment Package

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Call today and ask about our latest Dry Cleaner Package. With its low entry price and compact design, it’s the perfect solution for:

– Existing store retro-fits
– Drop Store conversions
– Servicing a medium demand new location

Our package includes:

Ultra-Savings Dry Cleaner Equipment Package

You can quickly be up and running with this brand new, cost saving equipment. As with almost all of our dry cleaning business packages or custom designs, our machines use no chemicals. They are safe for environment, employees, customers and softer on clothes. New machines are more energy-efficient and require less maintenance, saving you time and money.

– Air Operated Legger Utility

The uniquely shaped design permits topping and utility finishing. The design allows the creasing of both legs in one.

– Roto Cabinet/Garment Finisher

The Rotor Cabinet is designed for high volume finishing of a large variety of dry cleaned garmentsincluding jackets, dresses, blouses, pants, polo shirts.

– Spotting Board

Prevents the need to rewash the item when spots are detected during ironing.

– Boiler Compressor Vac

Can quickly go from a cold start to give you needed clothes cleaning and pressing steam within minutes.

– Vacuum Table with Up Air

The secret to great finishing is to keep the ironing table dry by removing the steam from the fabric. Use vacuum for pressing a shirt or putting in a crease, while up-air (blowing) is great for delicates, removing the risk of leaving an impression or crushing the nap.

Advanced Wet-Cleaning System . . .

Our Wet-Cleaning System can wash these Fabrics/Materials

Wool • Silk • Cashmere • Rayon  • Leather • Linen • Mouton

No worries about damaging the material, such as shrinkage, deforming, color fading, it washes garment gently.


An Innovative cleaning solution designed spefically for use with Yamamoto WUD Series wet-cleaning machines.

The unique chemistry of MAESTRO Wet-Cleaning Solution combined with the superior technology of the WUD Series machines produces a noticiably cleaner result. Autpomated wash cycles are designed to allow the cleaning solution to mix with water prior to adding garments. Garmetns are never directly exposed to untreated water.

Camellia oil, a natural ingredient in MAESTRO Wet-Cleaning Solution, coats the surface of fabrics protecting them from ther damaging effects of water.

Superior Results

Harmony Wet-Cleaning System removes soil and odors better than traditional dry cleaning. Clothes look and feel, and smell much cleaner!

Complete System

Each element of the Harmony Wet-Cleaning System has been carefully designed to work together to form a seamless process for professional wet cleaning.

Environmently Friendly

Cleaning solutions are derived from natural ingredients. No harmful chemicals are used and no hazardous waste is produced.

Efficient Process

Automated wash programs and dry-to-dry cycles save time, labor and space.

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